What is the Fire Bible?

The Fire Bible is the name for the international language editions of the Full Life Study Bible, one of the few Pentecostal study Bibles that exists today.

This Bible has often been referred to as a One-book Pentecostal Library. It contains 77 theme articles, a concordance, 45 maps and charts, introductions to each book of the Bible and Pentecostal study notes. (link to article 3)

The Full Life Study Bible first began in the early 1980s as a missionary project by the late Don Stamps (1938-1991). While Rev. Stamps was serving in Brazil, he recognized a great need among pastors and lay workers for a study Bible written form a Pentecostal perspective. Soon after the completion of the Pentecostal notes, Rev. Stamps went to be with the Lord following a struggle with cancer.

A short time later, Assemblies of God World Missions leaders saw the world wide potential for this Pentecostal study Bible and asked Life Publishers to begin producing it in the major languages of the world.

Today, pastors and lay workers in countries such as Burma, China, India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Russia, Romania and other countries have access to this study Bible in their language. The Fire Bible is now available in more than 26 language editions, with at least 31 more in development. Not all languages are available outside the countries of origin.

4WRD Book Connection, developed a partner relationship with Life Publishers in early 2008 to be their major North American Distributor for the international language editions of the Fire Bible.

If you do not find the language you are looking for here today, revisit the site in the future as new languages are being released on an ongoing basis. Some languages due out in the next 3 years are: Albanian (complete Bible), Armenia, Amharic, Burmese, Hausa, Igbo, Japanese, Korean, Lao, Thai, Turkish, and Yoruba. There are at least another eleven languages just being started.

While Swahili and Portuguese are available in the home countries they are not currently available for sale in North America. We hope to have these languages soon.

You can find a guide to using your Fire Bible here: http://www.lifepublishers.org/Quick_Guide_to_the_Fire_Bible.ihtml?id=394107

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