Presenting the INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE FIRE BIBLE OR FULL LIFE STUDY BIBLE (revised in English and known as the Life in the Spirit Study Bible)

LSSB Features include:

Themefinders — 12 exclusive cross-referencing icons located by Scripture passages link at a glance which Biblical theme a given passage addresses and relates to life in the Spirit.

 Baptized in/Filled with the Holy Spirit  Salvation
 Gifts of the Holy Spirit  Second Coming
 Fruit of the Holy Spirit  Victory over Satan and demons
 Healing  Overcoming the world and worldliness
 Faith that moves mountains  Praise
 Witnessing  Walking in obedience and righteousness

Study Notes — Written and reviewed by pastors and Bible scholars to bring a practical application for deeper understanding of Scripture.  These extensive notes offer insights that help you understand and apply the scriptures.

77 Articles — Strengthen your knowledge of important doctrinal and practical topics including:
- Effective Praying
- Assurance of Salvation
- Divine Healing
- Jesus
- The Holy Spirit
- Riches and Poverty Power over Satan and Demons
- Parents and Children
- Spiritual Gifts for Believers
- The Age of the Antichrist
- The Care of the Poor and the Needy

Charts — Custom-designed mega-charts visually portray “Old Testament Prophecies Fulfilled in Christ,” “The Kingdom of God Versus the Kingdom of Satan,” “The Gifts of the Holy Spirit,” “The Work of the Holy Spirit,” and “The Last Days of History.”

Plus — Book introductions and outlines, Concordance, Subject Index, a One Year Bible Reading Plan, and 16 Full Color Maps and charts.

ARTICLES: Contents
#A1 Creation
#A2 The Call of Abraham
#A3 God's Covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
#A4 The Providence of God
#A5 The Passover
#A6 The Old Testament Law
#A7 The Day of Atonement
#A8 Wine in the Old Testament
#A9 The Fear of the Lord
#A10 God's Covenant with the Israelites
#A11 The Destruction of the Canaanites
#A12 Angels and the Angel of the Lord
#A13 The Nature of Idolatry
#A14 God's Covenant with David
#A15 Effective Praying
#A16 Christ in the Old Testament
#A17 The City of Jerusalem
#A18 The Temple
#A19 Worship
#A20 The Suffering of the Righteous
#A21 Death
#A22 Praise
#A23 Biblical Hope
#A24 The Attributes of God
#A25 The Heart
#A26 Human Personhood
#A27 The Prophet in the Old Testament
#A28 The Will of God
#A29 The Word of God
#A30 The Peace of God
#A31 The Glory of God
#A32 Intercession
#A33 The Spirit in the Old Testament
#A34 The Care of the Poor and Needy
#A35 Tithes and Offerings
#A36 Divine Healing
#A37 The Kingdom of God
#A38 The Church
#A39 The Great Tribulation
#A40 Power Over Satan and Demons
#A41 False Teachers
#A42 Signs of Believers
#A43 Wine in New Testament Times (1)
#A44 Jesus and the Holy Spirit
#A45 Riches and Poverty
#A46 Wine in New Testament (2)
#A47 Regeneration
#A48 The Regeneration of the Disciples
#A49 Baptism in the Holy Spirit
#A50 Speaking in Tongues
#A51 The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
#A52 Testing for Genuine Baptism in the Spirit
#A53 Overseers and Their Duties
#A54 Biblical Words for Salvation
#A55 Faith and Grace
#A56 Israel in God's Plan of Salvation
#A57 Three Kinds of People
#A58 Spiritual Gifts for Believers
#A59 The Resurrection of the Body
#A60 The Judgment of Believers
#A61 Spiritual Separation for Believers
#A62 The Acts of the Sinful Nature and the Fruit of the Spirit
#A63 Election and Predestination
#A64 The Ministry Gifts of the Church
#A65 Parents and Children
#A66 The Rapture
#A67 The Age of the Antichrist
#A68 Moral Qualifications for Overseers
#A69 Bible Training for Christians
#A70 The Inspiration and Authority of Scripture
#A71 Personal Apostasy
#A72 The Old Covenant and the New Covenant
#A73 Standards of Sexual Morality
#A74 Sanctification
#A75 The Christian's Relationship to the World
#A76 Assurance of Salvation
#A77 Christ's Message to the Seven Churches

Maps and Charts: Contents
#B1 Table of Nations
#B2 Jacob's Journeys
#B3 The Exodus
#B4 Hebrew Calendar
#B5 The Tabernacle
#B6 Tabernacle Furnishings
#B7 Old Testament Sacrifices
#B8 Old Testament Feasts
#B9 Major Ethical Concerns in the Covenant
#B10 Conquest of Canaan
#B11 Solomon's Jerusalem
#B12 Solomon's Temple
#B13 Temple Furnishings
#B14 The Divided Kingdom
#B15 Lives of Elijah and Elisha
#B16 Exile of the Northern Kingdom
#B17 Exile of the Southern Kingdom
#B18 Kings of Israel and Judah
#B19 Return from Exile
#B20 Chronology of Ezra and Nehemiah
#B21 Old Testament Prophecies Fulfilled in Christ
#B22 Jerusalem During the Time of the Prophets
#B23 Neo-Babylonian Empire
#B24 The Book of Jonah
#B25 From Malachi to Christ
#B26 Jewish Sects
#B27 The Kingdom of God Versus the Kingdom of Satan
#B28 Decapolis and Lands Beyond the Jordan
#B29 Jesus in Galilee
#B30 Passion Week
#B31 Jesus in Judea & Samaria
#B32 Ministry of Jesus
#B33 Parables of Jesus
#B34 Miracles of Jesus and the Apostles
#B35 Countries of People Mentioned at Pentecost
#B36 Philip's and Peter's Missionary Journeys
#B37 Paul's First Missionary Journey
#B38 Paul's Second Missionary Journey
#B39 Paul's Third Missionary Journey
#B40 The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
#B41 The Work of the Holy Spirit
#B42 The Last Days of History
#B43 The Seven Churches of Revelation
Appendix Map-Paul's Journey to Rome

If you want to cultivate a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit this easy to use Fire Bible or Full Life Study Bible is designed to help guide you into a Christ-centered and Spirit-led lifestyle.  You will grow in the Lord and understand God’s wonderful plan for His Church and your life, as you read the extensive study notes.

If you want to develop a greater understanding of Biblical truth the Fire Bible or Full Life Study Bible is an important Biblical resource for all Christians who long to gain a deeper knowledge of God’s Word. This practical Study Bible will help you build a stronger foundation of spiritual understanding. Your faith will be strengthened as you study the 77 articles. You will learn to walk in spiritual victory and face the challenges of daily life through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Discover the Biblical Foundations of The Full Life Study Bible or Fire Bible (in English called The Life in the Spirit Study Bible).
The Fire Bible or Full Life Study Bible will help guide you into a Christ-centered, righteous and Spirit-led lifestyle. In a culture that requires believers to depend strongly on God and his Word, this Bible will help you cultivate a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and the person of the Holy Spirit as the source of the Church’s power.
Wonderful as it is to be saved for all eternity, we also long to walk with the Lord today. We want to hear his voice, know his heart, receive his gifts, and participate in what he is doing. We desire what the early church had that Jesus promised would be ours as well: lives lived in the intimacy, vision and power of his Spirit.
Based on the common underpinnings of classic Pentecostal and charismatic traditions, the Full Life Study Bible or Fire Bible is designed as an important Biblical resource for all Christians, regardless of church background, who long to deepen their connection with the Holy Spirit. If you are hungry for greater intimacy with Jesus . . . if what you’ve read in the Bible suggests amazing possibilities for your personal relationship with God . . . if you long to experience the message, faith, devotion and power described in the book of Acts . . . then this study Bible will help you build a bedrock of spiritual understanding and faith for living a down-to-earth life equipped with the presence of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.
Millions of Christians around the world continue to discover what it means to walk in the Holy Spirit’s power and presence. If that is your desire, the Full Life Study Bible or Fire Bible will prove a valuable companion in your spiritual quest.
First published in English as the Full Life Study Bible, the Life in the Spirit Study Bible (English version) has enjoyed an exceptional international appeal. Working together, Zondervan and Life Publishers continue to spread the message of this Bible worldwide. All author royalties go directly to missions for the purpose of translating it into other languages. At this time, well over one million copies have been printed in 19 non-English languages, and the process of translation is underway for 24 other languages.

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